HORSELOGS.COM - Fourth Anniversary Contest Winner

Denise Taylor Fazzio, Phoenix, Arizona.

We asked Denise to tell us a bit about herself and her horses. Congratulations Denise, we are delighted to award you the 50$ gift certificate.

I am so excited to have won, and I really appreciate Horse Logs and all it has done to help keep things organized for me. I have used this program off and on for the last few years. My horses and their careers have been off and on as well. I have been able to keep track of not only my horses' info, but also my lessons and what I owe my trainer at the end of each month.

My name is Denise Taylor Fazzio and I live in sunny (and usually hot) Phoenix, Arizona. For many years I was trusted to ride horses for my trainer and friends as I was not in a position to buy my own. About 6 years ago I ended up riding and training a wonderful, little, roly-poly 4 year old TB off the racetrack named Jamaciamekrazy (Jamie) who belonged to my trainer, Alice Sarno. He was learning to jump and we began getting him ready for a great 3 day eventing career. I rode him for 4 years, moving up from Beginner Novice to competing him in a Preliminary event. We won many awards, including USEA Area 10 Horse of the Year.

Not only was this horse talented, he became my best friend! I finally had saved enough money to buy him and was looking forward to going Preliminary with a goal of Intermediate. Of course as soon as I bought him, he coliced and had to have surgery. After many months of recovery, we were back in action and he suffered a tiny tear in his deep flexor tendon so back to stall rest and many more months (going on years now) of rehab. After that, he reinjured the tendon and I did stem cell therapy and retired him to a wonderful green pasture north of Phoenix. (If you are familiar with the deserts of Arizona, you know that it is really hard to find green pasture!) I just did not have the heart to get rid of him; this horse is my heart and I owed him so much. He became a VERY young (11 years old) retiree. I gave away a lot of his gear to friends with the same sized horses.

Having blown all of my money on buying Jamie, I again was horseless. I rode a few, borrowed and returned another, and then found the colt of my dreams! A beautiful big warmblood, never been ridden, but I was able to scrape together enough to buy him. I had an amazing year with him, but 3 weeks ago, he was diagnosed with heat founder and was suffering from an acute case of laminitis. I know I don't have to explain the horrible pain he was in. I ended Ruger's suffering 2 weeks ago. As my vet told me, there is no laminitis in heaven. I know I did the right thing.

So, life for Jamie in his pasture is coming to an end. I am going to try to "un-retire" Jamie. This contest and the gift certificate could not have come at a better time as I am already trying to figure out how I can work the vet bills for Jamie and repurchase the smaller size equipment that I gave away a couple of years ago! I know that Horse Logs will help me keep everything in one place and organized. This is perfect for my "type-A" personality! Thanks again for making life just a little more simple!
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