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March, 2011 Launches Enhanced Reports! Now produce horse record reports in PDF, HTML, CSV and XML formats. Easily save reports to your computer for future reference. What are you waiting for? Sign up today for your FREE basic membership.
September, 2010 5th Anniversary Contest winners announced. Read their stories submitted from the heart. We want to sincerely thank you for entering our 5th anniversary contest, and for using!
follow, Easy Horse Management Software on Facebook July 15th, 2010 The official Facebook page launches. We will be posting instructional material for how to use, and other horsey news & events! We will also post photos submitted to the public photo album on the facebook page.
February, 2010 Launches new scheduling tool to easily create recurring events in your calendar. Schedule farrier visits, vet visits, medication schedules and more in seconds!
September, 2009 4th Anniversary Contest Winner! We were delighted to award Denise Taylor Fazzio a 50$ gift certificate to to celebrate our 4th Anniversary. Read her story here. There were many entries and lots of good personal stories. Thanks to all who participated. Keep watching for future contests.
August, 2009 Celebrates 4th Anniversary. We have proven we have staying power! Our easy Online Horse Software is self sufficient, earning enough income each month to cover expenses, so you don't have to worry about your Online Horse Software going offline.
January, 2008 included in Paso Fino Horse World's article on High Tech Horse Management! The good folks at Paso Fino Horse World recognize the importance of keeping accurate equine records. Their article mentions many advantages to using software to track your horse activity.
December 31, 2007 You can now delete a horse from your records. You must ensure you have deleted all related records, then you are able to delete a horse. We hope this helps our members get on track for the new year. Clean up the old, and enter the new!!
December 15, 2007 When you hover over the "My Finances" option on the top menu, there is now an "Invoices" option in the drop down menu.

That's right, you can invoice your customers from With our flexible options for applying owners to horse by percent ownership, we think we have the easiest solution on the market.

Sign up today and check out our simple solution to Equine Management.
October 1, 2007 Tell a Friend Contest Winner Announced See who is the lucky winner of a new halter and a lifetime membership to
September 24, 2007 We've added a "Photos" option to the footer menu. Now you can upload photos of your horse, and store them with the records for that horse. There is no limit on the number of photos you can upload. Each image you upload will appear as a thumbnail image, and as you rollover the thumbnails with your mouse, the full size image will appear below the thumbnails.
August 27, 2007 Now Apply Income to Multiple Horses! You can now apply miscellaneous income to any, all or none of your horses. In preparation for adding the ability to create invoices, we've add the option for you to apply income to any number of horses. So, if you collect 500$ a month board from 5 horses, you can add an income of 2500$, and apply it to all 5 horses. When we implement invoicing, the 2500$ will be divided equally among the 5 horses you applied it to, and appear on the invoice created for the owner.
August 15, 2007 We're Celebrating Two Years Online! We're very excited about the growth we've experienced over the past two years. Our members are serious about keeping accurate, secure records about their horses to help them and their horses progress. Tell all your friends about for a chance to WIN A HALTER.
August 5, 2007 New Look and Feel for We've had a makeover, but don't worry, the functionality of our online horse software has not been altered, we've just jazzed things up a bit!
July 17, 2007 Now Apply Multiple Owners to One Horse We've added the ability to add co-owners to a horse, and apply a percentage of ownershiip to each owner. We are working toward full invoicing, and this is just one step toward getting us there! Login today and see how we've expanded.
June 11, 2007 Enhanced Vet Visit, Farrier Visit, Training Records & Journal Screens We've enlarged several text fields on the Vet & Farrier visit screens and the Training records screen so you can add more information, and review information more easily. We've also added the ability to update a journal entry. Login today and see how we've evolved!
May 28, 2007 Now Apply One Qwner to Multiple Horses The next time you logon to you will notice the option "Contacts" has replaced "Service Providers" on the main left menu. When you hover of the "Contacts" option, a drop down menu will appear with the following options: "Farriers", "Veterinarians", "Trainers" and "Owners". When you select one of these options, a summary page will appear, with a list of contacts already saved. Full enhancement details are available on our forum.
May 7, 2007 We've enhanced the "Expense By Horse" Report to include any General Calendar Items that you have linked to a horse, that have a cost. If you've associated a General Calendar Item with more than one horse, the expense will be divided equally by the number of horse you've associated the Item with. This functionality is consistent with the General Expenses that you associate with a horse. Happy Reporting!!
April 21, 2007 Now Link Miscellaneous Calendar Items to Horses! You can link a miscellaneous calendar item on the "General Item" screen to any or all of your horses. The total amount will be divided equally among all horses selected on expense reports. Of course, you can still add a general calendar item and not link it to a horse at all if it's unrelated to a horse.
April 8, 2007 Now Link Miscellaneous Expenses to Horses! You can link a miscellaneous expense on the "My Expenses" screen to any or all of your horses. The total amount will be divided equally among all horses selected on expense reports. Of course, you can still add an expense and not link it to a horse at all if it's a general expense.
March 12, 2007 New Expense Report! Now you can create a report that lists all expenses recorded on the vet visits, farrier visits, miscellaneous medical items, shows & events, breeding records and training records screens. Hover over the "Reports" option on the right menu of Online Horse Software after you login, and select "Expenses By Horse". Select a horse, or all horses from the drop down menu, then enter a date range and click "Create Report".
March 3, 2007 Now Record Your Lessons for Free! We've added a "My Lessons" option on the top menu when you login to Click "My Lessons" to see a summary of the last 10 riding lessons you've entered, or click the right and left arrows to navigate from month to month. Click a lesson in the list to access the details. Each lesson you add appears on "My Calendar" also, for a monthly glance at all of your horse activities. And, the best part is, recording your riding lessons on is always FREE!
Sign up today!
February 19, 2007 Expenses and Income Now Appear In Calendar! Income and Expenses now appear by type in your personal calendar. This handy calendar shows you everything you've logged at a glance, a month at time.
February 10, 2007 Log your Horse Expenses and Income! We've added a "My Finances" option to the top menu after you login to Hover over this option to select "My Income" or "My Expenses". A list of the last 10 items you added will appear when you click the link, with a subtotal of all items. You can select the back and forth arrows, or enter a month and year in the input boxes to see a summary by month. Click one of the summary items to see the details. You can also add an expense or income item from the summary screen. This feature is always FREE! Sign up today!
January 4, 2007 General Item Description Length Increased! The data entry field where you enter details of the general calendar item, which is always free, has been increased to 1000 characters. We've also increased the size of the input box so those long stories are easier to read at a glance. Start journaling today!!
October 1, 2006 Miscellaneous Medical Items Report Launched! We've added a new report for the medical items screen launched in July. Track, and print reports on all medical incidents that occur when you do not involve the vet.
August 14, 2006 Online 1 Year! Today is our official one year anniversary. We've grown very nicely during our first year, and will continue to grow our horse software based on user feedback. We're also committed to keeping our product easy to use, and always available. Thanks to our loyal members who have stuck with us and helped us progress! We look forward to many more anniversaries!
July 11, 2006 New Miscellaneous Medical Items Screen Launched! We've added a screen to our online horse software for you to log all those medical items you take care of yourself, without involving the vet.
June 3, 2006 New fields added to Main Horse Information screen. We have added "Weight", "Tattoos", and "Stall & Turnout Notes" fields to the main horse information screen.

You will also notice a new button labelled "Print Stall Card". Click this button to produce a printer friendly page with a subset of information from the main horse screen, along with the owner's name to display on your stall.
May 22, 2006 Enhancement to "My Calendar"
The "My Calendar" screen has been enhanced to alternate the color of descriptions if there is more than one entry for a day, making the calendar easier to read at a glance. This suggestion was sent via the suggestion box linked from the home page.
April 11, 2006 Gypsy Cob and Gypsy Drum Added to Breed Drop Down List
Another thoughtfull member brought to our attention that we did not have the Gypsy Cob and Gypsy Drum horse breeds in our breed drop down lists. Thanks for introducing us to these fine horses!
April 8, 2006 Cost field added to General Items Report
You now have the option to select "Include Costs" on the General Items Report, so if you are reporting on an item that has a cost, it will appear when the report is generated.
March 30, 2006 Irish Sport Horse Added to Breed Drop Down List
Thanks to the member who used the suggestion box to let us know we were missing Irish Sport Horses from our breed list. Please let us know if there are any others omitted from our list.

Another suggestion was to allow typing text in date fields, in case only the year is known. We are hesitant to make this change, as dates are used for reporting. We suggest you use January first if you are not certain when your horse was born in the year. This is common practice in some areas.
March 26, 2006 Cost field added to General Items Screen
We’ve added a cost field to the General Scheduled Item screen of Horse Mangement Software. Now you can track costs of just about anything!
March 19, 2006 Launches General Items Report
You can now report on General Calendar Items. All general calendar items recorded during the date range you select will appear on the report. If you want to report only on a specific type of general item, type text in the "Containing Text" input box to find only general items with the text you enter in the title of the general item.

To produce a report with notes from all of my riding lessons, I add "Riding Lessson" to the "Containing Text" input box, because each time I add a General Calendar Item about my riding lessons, I type "Riding Lesson" in the title field.
February 26, 2006 Introduces new Photo Album!
  • The photo gallary is viewable to anyone browsing
  • Only members can add photos to the Photo Gallary.
  • When the album fills, the oldest photo will be replaced as new photos are received.
    February 5, 2006 New general expenses field added to Show Screen. We've also made the notes field larger so it's easier to read a longer note.
    January 21, 2006 Releases Reporting and Deleting Features. Reports available initially include Farrier Costs, Vet Costs, Show Costs and Training Costs. Each report can be generated for all horses, or an individual horse. Reports can be reordered by any column by clicking the column header.

    You are now able to delete a vet visit, farrier visit, show record, breeding record or training record.
    December 18, 2005 reviewed by! Read the online software review of, Horse Management software published by Katherine Blocksdorf of
    November 23, 2005 - New Vital Statistics screen introduced in the Horse Software. Add your horse's vital statistics on a regular schedule. Know your horse's healthly vital statistics.
    November 2005 - mentioned in Horse Canada and the Western Horse Review magazines!
    September 17, 2005 - Launch Contest Winners Announced! Two HorseLogs visitors awarded free 5 year subscriptions for submitting their equine photos.
    Click Here for details.
    August 14, 2005 - officially launches a fully web-based subscription service for horse owners world wide to accurately record and access training, health, show and pedigree records, service provider contact information and more.

    We're committed to growing our service to meet your needs by encouraging feedback from our membership to decide on software enhancements. We're comfortable the fee of 3.99/month US is low enough for the average horse owner, yet will allow us to reinvest in our company to build the service.

    USDA Unveils Multi-Year Draft Strategic Plan For The National Animal Identification System. Click here to learn more.

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